Source code for nodefinder.identify.result._shapes

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# © 2017-2019, ETH Zurich, Institut für Theoretische Physik
# Author: Dominik Gresch <>
Defines the container classes for object shapes.

from types import SimpleNamespace

import numpy as np
import networkx as nx

from fsc.export import export
from fsc.hdf5_io import SimpleHDF5Mapping, subscribe_hdf5, to_hdf5, from_hdf5

[docs]@export @subscribe_hdf5('nodefinder.nodal_point') class NodalPoint(SimpleNamespace, SimpleHDF5Mapping): """ Shape class defining a nodal point. Attributes ---------- position : tuple(float) The position of the point. """ HDF5_ATTRIBUTES = ['position'] def __init__(self, position): self.position = position
[docs]@export @subscribe_hdf5('nodefinder.nodal_line') class NodalLine(SimpleNamespace): """ Shape class defining a nodal line. Attributes ---------- graph : networkx.Graph A graph describing the line. """ def __init__(self, graph, degree_count): self.graph = graph self.degree_count = degree_count def __repr__(self): return 'NodalLine(graph=<{} nodes, {} edges>, degree_count={}, shape_name=\'{}\')'.format( len(self.graph.nodes), len(self.graph.edges), self.degree_count, self.shape_name )
[docs] def to_hdf5(self, hdf5_handle): """ Serialize the object and store in under the given HDF5 handle. """ graph_group = hdf5_handle.create_group('graph') graph_group['nodes'] = np.array(list(self.graph.nodes)) if self.graph.edges: graph_group['edges'] = np.array(list(self.graph.edges)) degree_count_group = hdf5_handle.create_group('degree_count') to_hdf5(self.degree_count, degree_count_group)
[docs] @classmethod def from_hdf5(cls, hdf5_handle): """ Derialize the object from the given HDF5 handle. """ graph_group = hdf5_handle['graph'] graph = nx.Graph() graph.add_nodes_from([tuple(n) for n in graph_group['nodes']]) if 'edges' in graph_group: graph.add_edges_from([(tuple(p1), tuple(p2)) for p1, p2 in graph_group['edges']]) degree_count = from_hdf5(hdf5_handle['degree_count']) return cls(graph=graph, degree_count=degree_count)
@property def shape_name(self): """ Describes the shape of the line, as inferred from the degree count. """ shape_lookup = { tuple(): 'CLOSED LOOP', ((1, 2), ): 'OPEN LINE', } return shape_lookup.get( tuple(sorted(self.degree_count.items())), 'UNKNOWN' )